Updating your Rev Hub

Our team attempted to update our Rev Hub’s to the newest firmware, however when we did this we also gained a plethora of glitches. The hub’s couldn’t be readdressed, often not found, and hardware would not initialize. If your team has the same problem here was our fix.

Updating firmware on REV HUB’s:

  1. Download installer

  2. Unzip

  3. Run .exe file

  4. Disconnect the links between the two hubs (2 wires connect the two hubs)

  5. Connect computer and hub

  6. Run FLASH (windows only)

  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for second hub

  8. Connect the hub to the robot phone

  9. Set no config file to be active

  10. Readdress hub to wanted address (1 or 2)

  11. Make config file to see if the hub connects

  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for second hub

  13. Make desired config file

(If these steps are not followed, the app and hubs will behave strangely and will most likely not work)