2018-2019 Season – Relic Recovery

2018-2019 Season – Relic Recovery

Judges Presentation Practice

Before each major competition, and at some of our other meetings, we invited professionals to come watch and critique our judges presentation.

Got Robot?/Fruit Salad Scrimmage

We hosted another scrimmage and invited teams that had advanced to Super Regionals.  We ran competition round with Got Robot? and Fruit Salad so that we could practice driving with multiple robots on the field.

Barrington Scrimmage

Our team attended a scrimmage hosted by Barrington High School Robotics to help prepare teams for Super Regionals.

State Setup

Our team arrived at State early along with other local teams to help set up the fields, pit area and electronic equipment needed to run the competition.

State Prep Scrimmage

We hosted a scrimmage to help local teams get ready for state.  We had a small competition with Blue Box Bots and Cary Grove Robotics, and we all got the chance to practice on a full competition field with other robots to simulate real competition.

FLL IL State Championship

We demonstrated our robot for the participants and spectators at the FLL State Championship and talked to people about FTC, and how they could continue in FIRST after FLL.

Cary Area Library Demonstration

We partnered with FTC team Fruit Salas to do a demonstration at the Cary Area Public library.  We did mini scrimmages with our robots and got a chance to talk to people about FIRST.  We were also able to talk with another team about some of the technical difficulties we had been having at the event.


We got a tour of couilcrat, and got to hear from their engineers about what they do, and what their design process is.  We had the chance to see some of their products, and samples of the engineering notebooks that they use for projects.

Solberg Manufacturing Field Trip

Our team got a tour of Solberg Manufacturing, and got a chance to see how they used robotics in a manufacturing setting.

Cary Area Public Library Mentoring

1-2 team members helped out at each Lego Mindstorms programming/building and Maker Club class, assisting the library staff in helping kids with their robots and electronics projects.


Our team visited the innovation center of Oil-Dri and learned about robotics and automation in their lab.

MSI Field Trip (7/22/17)

Our team visited the Robot Revolution Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry and enjoyed the other exhibits in the museum afterwards.

ITA Field Trip (7/20/17)

Our team toured Tech Nexus, GrubHub and Vibes, three member companies of Illinois Technical Association.  We also listened to presentations by engineers and entrepreneurs from these companies, and got a chance to ask them questions.

Mentoring with Fruit Salad

The Fruit Salad FTC team came to our meeting and mentored our team members in various aspects of being an FTC team over pizza and fruit salad.

Chick-Fil-A Lego Night with Snapology

Team members built and programmed Lego Minstorms EV3 and NXT robots and gave demonstrations during the Snapology Lego Build Night at Chick-Fil-A.