Our Team

Our Team


Daniel March

Role on team: Programming, Website

I am 17 years old, go to Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, and my main shtick is that I like math. This is my second year in FTC, and work on programming. In classic math nerd fashion most of my hobbies and skills are based around math. Most of my time is either on math problems, programming, or video games.

Trevor Ryan

Role on team: Lead of robot design and build team, purchasing

Hi, I’m Trevor, I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy. This is my sixth year in FIRST. I was in FLL for three years and have been in FTC for the last three years. I joined FIRST because I’ve always had a passion for STEM. I’ve been building and designing things for my entire life and have found robotics to be particularly fascinating, so as a result I was drawn to FIRST. Over the years of designing my own personal projects as well as designing competition robots, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and my design techniques have vastly improved. I hope to use this experience to help me pursue an engineering degree and career, possibly in the space industry.

Charis Franks

Role on team: CAD, Building, Website

Hi, I’m Charis and I am 14 and a sophomore at Cary Grove High School.  This is my second year in FTC. I have always been interested in designing/building things, but didn’t think seriously about engineering until I joined the robotics team.  Since joining the team I have become more interested in engineering and STEM. I enjoy drawing, and have always been interested in graphic design so I also like messing around with programs like Adobe Illustrator, as well as reading way too many books.  

Pedro Avalos

Role on team: Programming, Administration, Purchasing

Age: 17 years

Time on FIRST: 5 years (3 in FLL; 2 in FTC)

Other information:

  • I play video games (Civilization 6, Skyrim, Oblivion, Witcher 3, Europa Universalis 4, Victoria 2, Borderlands 2, Stellaris, Overwatch)
  • I enjoy learning history (Mesoamerican, WWI, WWII)


Alex Berlin

Role on team: CAD, and Building

I am Alex Berlin and I’m 15 years old and I go to Elgin Academy. This is my second year in FIRST and on the team. I like to play Hockey, golf, Soccer, and Baseball, and I collect sneakers. I think robotics is a lot of fun because you get to build robots, go tour awesome companies like GRUBHUB, Continental, and Google.  I also  help raise money for the team by getting sponsorships.

Jordan Massey

Role on team: Design, Co-lead of Build Team, CAD, Comic Relief


I’m Jordan, I have 17 years of age, and I will be a Senior this semester. This is my second year, and after a great time last year I look forward to tackling the Rover  Ruckus challenge. I have always loved designing and build things, from lego spaceships to 100+ mph WWII remote control model airplanes. I’ve been in the model airplane hobby for 4 years now, and together with family and friends have built a huge number of airplanes and drones. I also enjoy photography, art, video games, and swing dancing. Also eating apples. I like apples. I learned a ton about design, manufacturing, and business last year and I hope to learn much more in the upcoming season.

Aidan McCarthy

Role on team: Build Team, Marketing & CAD

Hi, I’m Aidan.  I’m 17, I go to Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, where I am a senior, and this is my first year with FIRST Tech Challenge, although I competed with FIRST Lego League for four years. I enjoy theatre, tabletop and pc gaming, and nerd culture in general. I personally own over 120 tabletop games, I have played in 10 different theatrical productions, I was part of an Improv team which competed at the Illinois state level, and I regularly host a Dungeons and Dragons night with my friends.

Kate Thompson

Role on team: Programming, FIRST Ladies Coordinator

Hi I’m Kate Thompson and I am a Junior at Johnsburg High School. This will be my 4th season in FTC but my first with The Golden Ratio. Outside of robotics I am a 3rd year member in Congressman Randy Hultgren’s STEM scholars program, mentor to many Jr.FLL and FLL teams, sing in my school’s Varsity Choir, run spot lights for my school’s theater program, and am in my school’s improv team. This will also be my 3rd year working with FIRST Ladies to support girls in the FIRST program.

Yash Dulla

Role on team: Building, CAD, Social media

Hi my name is Yash I go to Dundee Crown High School and play golf and do lacrosse. My roles on the team are building, CAD, and social media. This is my first year with FIRST and I’m loving it, I am learning lots of new things because my mentors let me be very hands on. Other hobbies I enjoy are fishing and playing video games. I have luscious flawless curls, and love to dress nice. I value education and want to be a doctor when I am older.