Enterprise II – Rover Ruckus

Enterprise II – Rover Ruckus

The Golden Ratio – 12682

Enterprise II


Capable of multiple Auto variants

-Depot Alliance (Landing, Claiming, Sampling, Scoring, Parking)  – 85 points

-Depot Opponent (Landing, Claiming, Sampling, Scoring, Parking) – 85 points

-Depot Double Sample (Landing, Claiming, Sampling, Scoring, Parking) – 105 points

-Crater Claim (Landing, Sampling, Claiming, Parking) – 80 points

-Crater Defensive (Landing, Sampling, Parking) – 65 points

-Ask the Programmers for a detailed Auto pathway and timing to prevent alliance auto conflictions


-14-18 average minerals in lander

-Intake and output go front to back so mineral runs require no turning

-Mechanically sorts minerals so all mineral types can be selected without discretion.

-Latches in endgame